Essential Massage oils 50 ml

Essential Massage oils 50 ml

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Essential Oil Kit for massage:
-THERMO STIMULATING MASSAGE ESSENCE 50 ml: it encourages the natural re-activation of the tissue exchanges, increasing the temperature on the skin-zone involved in the treatment. It contributes to an anti-cellulite treatment through the stimulation of the local circulation.
Apply some drops on the involved skin-zone and gently massage until the complete absorption.
It is suggested as a preparation body- oil through the use on hands and feet.
It contains natural active principles.

-LINPHO-ARTICULAR MASSAGE ESSENCE 50 ml: It benefits the effect of a draining massage and helps avoiding the hydric retention.
Put some drops directly on the lymphatic ganglions at the inguinal and popliteus folds,on the arms and legs joints. Massage action needed until the full absorption.
It contains natural active extracts.

-RELAXING BODY MASSAGE OIL 50 ml: To use for the treatment preparation. It helps the muscles through a stretching action.
Use some drops on head and back muscles until full absorption.
It contains natural active principles

Price: 45,00 Euro (including VAT)

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