Tecar and Radiofrequency

Conductive Cream pack – 6 units 1000 ml each

An essential cream for the use of Diatermic devices. It owns an high conductive power favouring the optimal performance in resistant phase treatment.Suitable for Tecar therapy and radiofrequency-Pack of 6 units 1000 ml each

Price: 125,00 Euro (including VAT)

Dermopurifying Solution – 500 ml


Product suggested for the detersion of the body parts under treatments. It put the body in the optimal condition to value the effects of every treatment. Used on the post massage phase it deeply purifies the skin

Price: 21.96 Euro (including VAT)

Conductive cream with Arnica 10% – 6 unitas 1000 ml


The innovative formula with Arnica Extracts let the specialist to empower the anti-inflammatory effect during the treatments without any collateral effect. Suitable for tecar and radiofrequency therapy . Pack : 6 units 1000 ml /each

Price: 154,00 Euro (including VAT)