Massage creams

Arnica Massage Gel 50% – 100 ml

gel arnica

Arnica Gel with elevated concentration ensuring a stretching, chilling and soothing action. It is an excellent cure against muscular traumas and contusion of any type.
The Arnica 50% extract allows an effective anti-fleming tretment without any collateral effect.
To apply directly on the skin

Price: 19,00 Euro (including VAT)

Warm up cream – 500 ml


It contains naturally warm up ingredients. Its use is suggested for the massage action before the sport activity.
It is really effective when blended in with a small quantity of massage neutral cream or eudermic oil.
Attention: The product can cause reddenings. Before its consumption, It is suggested to test it on a small body portion.

Price: 17.08 Euro (including VAT)

Massage cream – 1000 m


Cream rich in natural active principles which have a benefical effects on muscular rigidity by facilitating the drainage and the capillary circulation letting the skin soft and hydrated.

Price: 24.40 Euro (including VAT)