Remove- solvent for the removal of adhesive tapes- 250 ml


Solvent for removal of adhesive tapes. It loosens the contact between the skin and bandages, which can be removed after a short time without pain and without leaving any residue

Price: 8,00 Euro (including VAT)

Zyncum osside and cumarina cream- 500 ml


 Cream suggested in all the cases where it is necessary to treat a contusive or distorsive trauma. The ZYNCO OSSIDE  has an anti-inflammatory action by normalizing and protecting the body part under treatment with a protective veile against external aggressions. The CUMARINA, active vegetal principe, helps to drain the cellular liquids. News: The same product is available for selling at the physiotherapists clients with the Drenazinc brand. For info

Price: 30.50 Euro (including VAT)

Cold gel (aloe 70%, menthol 7%) – 500 m


It  alleviates the inflammatory states caused by arthrosis, backache and muscular damages. Applied on the sport medicine field and in the rehabilitation process. It is absorbed very quickly by the skin, penetrating in depth, favouring the blood circulation. It can be used in the ultra sonic therapy. The same product is available for physiotherapists clients with the Flexdol brand 250ml. For info:

Price: 36.60 Euro (including VAT)