Since 30 years Mila Cosmetic Laboratories have been studying, implementing and patenting innovative formulas for the most important cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies in Italy. Playing an important role as one of the most specialized and well-known companies in this market area, on demand of a group of Physiotherapists, Mila laboratories have produced the product line known as Tecnomila dedicated for the professional use in the physiotherapy field.


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    • Arnica Massage Gel 50% – 100 ml

      Arnica Gel with elevated concentration ensuring a stretching, chilling and soothing action. It is an excellent cure against muscular traumas and contusion of any type. The Arnica 50% extract allows an effective anti-fleming tretment without any collateral effect. To apply directly on the skin Leggi tutto →

  • Antiaging Tecar Therapy

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  • Massage Essential Oils

    • Essential Massage oils 50 ml

      Essential Oil Kit for massage: -THERMO STIMULATING MASSAGE ESSENCE 50 ml: it encourages the natural re-activation of the tissue exchanges, increasing the temperature on the skin-zone involved in the treatment. It contributes to an anti-cellulite treatment through the stimulation of the local circulation. Apply some drops on the involved skin-zone... Leggi tutto →

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